Sixmo’s structural engineering team was commissioned by GLSD Architecture to design the structural systems for a new ground up, 2-story class A office and laboratory building as well as a 1-story truck maintenance garage in Avon, OH.  The office and laboratory building had an approximate gross square footage of  233,000 SF.  Of the gross square footage, approximately 64,000 SF was for laboratory use, 84,000 SF of ground floor office space, and 85,000 SF of which consisted of a partial second floor, designed for future expansion and infill.  The office and laboratory building consisted of full height glass curtain wall with an architectural integration of the building steel framing, as well as several structurally coordinated interior architectural design features.  The truck maintenance garage was a standalone building on the same property as the office and laboratory building and had an approximate gross square footage of 13,000 SF.  The truck maintenance garage included a 1,500 SF mezzanine for storage and maintenance operations. Both the laboratory and truck maintenance garage included bridge cranes suspended from the roof steel as well as equipment foundations and trenches.