In March of 2021, Sixmo staff stepped in to provide on-call planning services to the City of Parkersburg, West Virginia. During a difficult time of transition, the City of Parkersburg needed planning services to continue as the Parkersburg administration sought candidates to fill the role of Development Director and then City Planner.

As the contracted “City Planner”, Sixmo staff facilitated a variety of supportive, administrative, and professional tasks. The City Planner for Parkersburg is responsible for the review of all land development planting. From consolidating to subdividing parcels of land, the City Planner ensures all land development conforms to the regulations of the City and then coordinates with the Planning Commission.

– Sam Tuten providing planning services to Parkersburg’s Planning Commission

The Planning Division within the City of Parkersburg is also the lead for the facilitation of the Plan Review process for all new commercial development or multi-family projects. Sixmo staff helped ensure the Plan Review process was completed for the developer of a Donato’s Pizza, for example.

Sixmo staff also provided assistance and guidance to the City’s Urban Renewal Authority. As the contracted City Planner, Sixmo staff guided new and ongoing purchase agreements, donations, or eminent domain proceedings of slum & blighted properties within the City.

After the roles of Development Director and City Planner were filled for the City of Parkersburg, Sixmo stayed under contract to provide on-call supportive, administrative, and professional services to the Development Department.