In your own words, what is your role at Sixmo?

As the Senior Architect, I oversee all projects and coordinate staffing efforts in the Architecture Department. Realistically, I juggle project needs and Client requests against Building Codes, Quality control, and physical constraints of time and space.

What is theĀ #1 item on your bucket list?

Meet my great-grandkids.

What’s the most unique part about working here?

Aside from the squeaky office floors; it would have to be the laidback atmosphere, music, and open book approach to business operations.

If you could switch places with one member of the team for one day, who would it be and why?

I wouldn’t switch with Hallie, because her color-changing computer would distract me so I would want to change with anyone who’s in the field all day working with their hands in the fresh air; so long as it’s above 75 and dry outside.

Name one personal and one professional goal you have for 2022:

I changed jobs in 2022 to focus more on Architecture projects and less on National Operations of an architectural firm, so that’s the professional goal. Personally, I want to travel more, worry less, and spend time with the family while I can.

What’s one thing we should know about you?

I like seeing people laugh.