In your own words, what do you do at Sixmo?

I oversee all architectural and engineering project management work to make sure client expectations are set properly and then met by our commitments. I work with all departments to schedule work and assist our team’s with helping improve our project delivery process.

What is theĀ #1 item on your bucket list?

To live in New Zealand for a few months.

Have you grown professionally while on our team?

Yes. I started out as a Structural Engineer working on assigned projects and then worked my way up to being a department manager, doing monthly company accounting work, working on proposals, managing clients, etc. My latest growth started this year as actively overseeing all departments and not just the structural department.

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Spend time with family and friends. Like to run and workout when able. Also, would love to practice the piano in the near future once I have more time.

What would you do first if you won the lottery?

Pay off all of our debt, make sure we have enough money set aside for retirement, save enough money for kids college, and then see what’s left for my wife’s wishes and demands :).

What would your ultimate walk out song be?

Turn down for what by DJ Snake and Lil Jon